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Hotel in Sapa / Explore the City Grill Sapa.
When it Sapa , most tourists to the city to visit once baked .

Partly by the small town of Sapa , only around a few places . But the more important reason is the attractive city of baking !

Do not know when small street from Ham Rong ( upstream port union hotel ) visitors know more as the City Grill . Although barbeque stalls also scattered on Xuan Vien Street , Ham Rong Phansipan but area is the most densely counters and of course attract the most customers .

As a bar owner she baked from the Kim Thanh , the farmers in the surrounding towns gathered or sell products or produce handicrafts for tourists in this area since long . Then a few people carrying coal processing on site for guests to enjoy . And so far , the region has turned into a bustling street baking .

The barbeque counters often display right on the sidewalk and quite simple .

The atmosphere is usually lively start from the afternoon and lasted until late at night . In Sapa , seem often to early winter and cooler evenings also . But perhaps this has contributed to forming the neighborhood , pull tourists and local people closer together around the charcoal fire , besides the attractive specialties .

The barbeque counters often display right on the sidewalk and fairly simple , consisting of a small charcoal stove , a basket of food containers and baby chairs for guests to sit . How processing of local people is also simple , no fancy spices . But perhaps what makes baked goods taste Sapa always especially because most of their food is very fresh . From corn , potatoes , sugar cane , nuts to eggs , beef , pork when roasted flavors are sweet, natural characteristics .

Pop into a bar , and a friend I chose 2 corn and 2 duck eggs . Corn to corn here , the machine is very flexible and fragrant . As for the grilled duck eggs into a small bowl , eat to where it attached to peeled ginger , pepper and salt , add a special cup corn comes .

While the delta tourists can easily find the grilled corn , sugar cane or chestnut roast dish at home roasted pork or tofu theft armpit rot can only be baked in Sapa . So here is the dish very many visitors choose to enjoy.

Although delicious barbecue but prices here are also quite soft : 3,000 duck eggs / fruit , baked sweet potatoes VND 2,000 / tubers , beef and pork from 8,000 -10 000 VND / oblique .

Sapa rice terraces to admire the world's most beautiful

Terraced rice fields in Sapa are My Travel and Leisure Magazine , America ranked as the most beautiful terraces in the world. April 9 is the time and very nice to watch and take pictures .

Sapa attractions around by the fresh natural beauty and ancient customs of the ethnic group reside 6 ( Kinh , H'mong , Red Dao , Tay , Giay , Xa Pho ) . It makes a particularly attractive because of its Sapa is one of the few places in Vietnam with snow.

The most beautiful terraced fields in April and 9 .

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Vietnam's hotspot hotels going for the gold online

Hotels in Vietnam are raking in the dough by favoring individual bookings made on foreign travel websites that charge exorbitant rates, which is gouging local travel agencies seeking to secure reservations for larger tour groups

Foreign tourists stroll down a street in Ho Chi Minh City. Many hotels and resorts in Vietnam are prioritizing individual bookings made online over tour groups which go through local travel agencies to maximize profits. PHOTO: DIEP DUC MINH

Several Ho Chi Minh City tourism companies were recently unable to make reservations for a group of 50 tourists on Phu Quoc Island because they wanted to stay in the same hotel.

But it was not because the hotels did not have enough available rooms.

Minh Thanh, manager of a tourism company in HCMC said no resort on Phu Quoc agreed to book rooms for all 50 tourists.

“It’s tourism high season and they want to save the rooms for individual tourists,” she added.

Many hotels and resorts in Vietnam are prioritizing individual bookings made online over tour groups that book through local travel agencies, as it is more profitable. These hotels have colluded with foreign travel websites to keep room rates sky high, which is making Vietnam a less appealing tourist destination than other regional countries, experts say.

The director of a five-star hotel in HCMC wishing to remain anonymous said there are around ten foreign websites targeting both foreign and domestic tourists that offer hotel rooms in Vietnam.

“Thirty-five percent of our hotel’s revenue came from guests booking through foreign travel websites and this proportion is expected to increase in the future,” he said.

Most hotels pay foreign travel websites commissions of between 15-25 percent of room rates with both parties allegedly agreeing to charge inflated prices to maximize profits.

Director of a local booking website, who also wanted to remain anonymous, said he can make a profit selling rooms at lower rates, but was unable to do so because the hotels wanted to keep the room rates consistent for all travel websites.

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“For example, we can charge VND1.5 million (US$71) for a room, while foreign websites offer it for VND2 million ($95),” he said.

Phan Dinh Hue, director of the Vong Tron Viet (Viet Circle) Tourism Company in HCMC, said room rates in Vietnam are 20-40 percent higher than those in Thailand.

“Many hotels now only receive guests who book overpriced rooms online and refuse bookings requested by travel agencies during tourism’s high seasons.

“Many international tourists are afraid to come to Vietnam for fear of being ripped-off that way, while local tourists are shifting toward visiting other countries,” he said. “Vietnam’s tourism industry is becoming less competitive.”

Thanh, the manager of a HCMC travel agency, admitted that her company often suggests that local tourists consider going abroad when she fails to find hotel rooms for them in Vietnam.

“Most customers agree to the idea because the price is the same,” she said.

According to the Vietnam Tourism Association, around 3.5 million Vietnamese tourists spent over $3.5 billion on trips abroad in 2012.

Meanwhile, local travel agencies also have to deal with the increasingly harsh requirements being demanded by hotels in tourist hotspots like Da Nang, Mui Ne and Da Lat.

“Many hotels require full payment in advance from travel companies